Publication Ethics

Journal Information

Title: Proceedings of The Zoological Society of India
P-ISSN / E-ISSN: 0972-6683 /2456-8589
Society Owner: Zoological Society of India

Publisher: Anveshika Publishing & Informatics

Frequency: Half-Yearly

Review Process

All submitted articles go under peer review process with following sequence.

1. Submission of manuscript by mailling to publisher or editor in chief mail.

2. Publisher office primary screening for suitability of the article for including in normal review process.

3. Assigning the article to the subject expert editor board member for review having no conflict of interest with author.

4. Assigned editor board member further scrutiny the article for conten suitablity, authenticity, correctness of data and forwarding to other external subject expert reviewer having no conflict of interest with authors and submitting his recommendation alongside other reviewers recommendation report to editor in chief.

5. Final decision to be made by editor in chief.

Type of decision or recommendation by editor in chief, editor board member, reviewers are

a. Accepted: Manuscript is accepted without any correction recommendation in data and study performed.

b. Minor Changes: Manuscript is to be resubmitted after resolving list of minor textula and data representation or information correction etc.

c. Major Changes: Manuscript is to be resubmitted after rectifying major process, experiments, analysis , insight incorrectness and flaws.

d. Rejected: Manuscript is rejected with giving proper clarification and reasons.

All the steps and workflow of review process is to establish fair, unbaised and quality peer review for all submitted articles. Assignement of editors board members and reviewers are made with no conflict of interest among them and authors. Peer review is single blinded in which editor and reviewer know the author but author does not know editors and reviewers.

Format of recommendation report provided by the editors and reviewers to the editor in chief should be in brief and mentioning manusctipt portion reviewed, authencity check, data validity, insightness and recommendation etc.


All the manuscript submitted should be original in work and should not be published elsewhere. Article is analysed for possible multiple publication and content theft with further screening with Turnitin software and other open source plagiarism check tools. All conent used in study should be properly cited and attributed and reuse of words shoud be avoided. All plagiarized manuscript with be rejected. Article found malpracticed or inappropriate after publication may be removed, rejected or corrected with possible blacklisting of the author.

Author Recommendation

1. Fabrication and falsification of data and experimentation should not be done.

2. Citation manupulation and false citation should not be perfomed.

3. All authors contribution in the preparation of the manuscript should be included and any conflict of interest and fundining sources should be informed.


We follow ICMJE guidelines to be referred by authors.


All right are reserved by the journal under close access model and article are accessible to the subscribers and member of the Zoological Society of India.


1. Annual Membership fee for the journal is 1000 /- INR per subscribed member.

2. Article processing  Fee is 450 /- per page of article + 100 /- INR (Postal charges if print copy is ordered), to be paid after acceptance.